NLP Trained Life Coach

A-level Mathematics tutor

Specialist in teenage anxiety, exam technique and study skills

A-level/ GCSE Mathematics teacher and examiner


About Zahra

NLP Life Coach

NLP Life Coach

Zahra Merali is a Watford based NLP Life Coach with over a decade of experience as a Mathematics and Science teacher.

“My goal is to help you live a life full of confidence and high self-esteem. I aim to help you reach your full potential as you continue on your academic and life journey.”

Zahra is based in Carpenders Park, Watford and has worked with young people all over the world. She helps them to:

  • Gain clarity and direction on their way forward and at crucial crossroads in life

  • Step into their confidence and self-esteem

To find out more please give Zahra a call.

The purpose of this call is to discover how you can work with Zahra Merali.

Sessions can either be a one-off clarity discussion or a course of sessions to start working on the right programme to achieve your goals.


Looking forward to working with you.


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